Come Talk About Geeky Feminism at Housing Works for Geek Week!

Want some geekiness in your feminism? Want some feminism in your geekery? February 15-28 is Housing Works’ annual Geek Week event, and they’re marking the occasion with sales on sci-fi, horror, and graphic novels, plus some rad programming. A panel of awesome women, including Tor Books editor Diana Pho and’s own Emily Asher-Perrin, will be speaking on the Geeky Feminism panel on February 23!

On Monday, February 23 at 7 p.m., this excellent panel of authors, bloggers, journalists, and all-around smart women will talk about feminism as it relates to all things geek:

RSVP at the Facebook event! Other Geek Week programming includes a screening of The Princess Bride, Geeks vs. Nerds Trivia Happy Hour, and discounts on all manner of geeky, comics, and math/science-related books.

Art: Oliver Barrett

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