Ian McKellen’s 93-Year-Old Sherlock Holmes Can’t Deduce Like He Used to in Mr. Holmes Clip

Age has mellowed Sherlock Holmes in this new clip from Bill Condon’s Mr. Holmes, starring Ian McKellen as the Great Detective at 93. Tending to bees in the lush, green countryside, he seems to have become a sweeter man, mentoring his housekeeper’s son. But with age comes the loss of his great deduction skills.

In the movie, Holmes obsesses over an unsolved case, and the fact that upon looking at a clue—a photograph of a woman—he can’t conjure up anything about her.

An elderly Holmes also pops up in Neil Gaiman’s new short fiction collection Trigger Warning, but this one is preoccupied with finding the secret to eternal youth. McKellen’s Holmes, by contrast, welcomes his impending death and seems to want only to tell his story more accurately than John Watson (who we’re not sure is alive or dead) related it.

Mr. Holmes should be released in theaters in summer 2015.


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