Fan-Designed Ghibliland Theme Park is Everything We Want

Before you get too excited, there are sadly no official plans for a Studio Ghibli theme park, but that didn’t stop Twitter use Takumi from drafting up this amazing version of “Tokyo Ghibliland.”

Virtually every Ghibli film is represented, from Porco Rosso’s airplane hangar to Ponyo’s undersea amphitheatre!

Tokyo Ghibliland Studio Ghibli fan art Porco Rosso hangar

Howl’s Moving Castle is of course the centerpiece of the park, though for the safety of tourists this one is probably stationary.

Tokyo Ghibliland Studio Ghibli fan art Howl's Moving Castle

Oh and look, you can visit Totoro’s spirit tree, and cruise through the Toxic Jungle with Nausicaä on a baby Ohmu!

Tokyo Ghibliland Studio Ghibli fan art Toxic Jungle

Did we mention there’s a Catbus monorail? Because there’s a catbus monorail.

Tokyo Ghibliland Studio Ghibli fan art Catbus Monorail


And we assume the character actors wandering around the park—including No Face and Totoro—are actually spirits; we will accept no other reality. Check out the full-sized park illustration here.

We love every bit of this imagined park, although we have some concerns that visitors may accidentally harm Mononoke’s forest spirits. And if you wander over to Yubaba’s bathhouse, please remember not to gorge yourself in the marketplace, or else you may wind up a permanent porcine guest…


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