New Jurassic World Trailer Reveals the Truth About Chris Pratt’s Velociraptor Biker Gang

Jurassic World debuted a new trailer during yesterday’s Super Bowl, giving us a closer look at all of the most dangerous theme park’s dinosaurs: The “shy” snappysaurus; Bryce Dallas Howard wondering if humans will be scared of their new, genetically-engineered dino (quick answer: YES); and the explanation for why all those velociraptors made up Chris Pratt’s posse.

Not surprisingly, Park Ranger Pratt (we like that name better than his character’s actual name, Owen) has been training the tricky velociraptors to… Pickpocket tourists? Prank the dumb scientists? Whatever the reason, it pays off when he has to go mano-a-dino with the lab’s escaped science project:

The best reaction to the trailer was this thread on Reddit’s r/movies subreddit, in which fans basically predicted Jurassic World’s emotional heart:

Jurassic World trailer Reddit reaction

Jurassic World comes to theaters June 12.


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