These DIY Labyrinth Barbies Will Make You Do the Magic Dance

We’re not sure who to award the title of “coolest ever” to: The father who hacked Barbie dolls to turn them into Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah Williams; or his seven-year-old daughter, who asked for Labyrinth dolls in the first place. Redditor just_s0me_guy shared his fantastic DIY work on Imgur, explaining how in the absence of Labyrinth toys, he got creative.

With the intention of recreating Labyrinth’s ballroom scene, the dad grabbed a wedding-day Barbie/Ken combo and then went to town. Her head got switched with a brunette’s; his pompadour got shaved off, to be covered in the leftover blond hair from the bride’s severed head. Gruesome process, this. (Click to enlarge images.)

DIY Labyrinth dolls Jareth

Where just_s0me_guy got especially inventive was in assembling the costumes down to the tiniest details. Jareth’s vest and cummerbund came from some especially shiny ribbon, while some spare material puffed up Sarah’s ballgown to an appropriate poofiness. His recreation of her jewelry (the earrings came with Barbie, the rest is beads and wires) is especially impressive:

DIY Labyrinth dolls Sarah Jennifer Connelly

Even cuter, he put the dolls in decorated boxes so his daughter could have the fun of opening her new Labyrinth dolls. Here’s the final result!

DIY Labyrinth dolls Jareth Sarah ballroom

The only thing missing is Jareth’s bulge. Check out the full step-by-step process here.

Photos: Imgur


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