Paul Feig’s All-Female Ghostbusters Cast Announced!

The Hollywood Reporter has announced—and Paul Feig has confirmed—the all-female cast for the new Ghostbusters movie! According to THR, Melissa McCarthy has officially signed on, while Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon are in negotiations

Interestingly, everyone except McCarthy are current or former cast members of Saturday Night Live; McCarthy also recently hosted the show. Not a bad crop from which to pick the new cast! Bill Murray also called Wiig and McCarthy, likely due to their hilarious performances in Bridesmaids.

Feig has previously discussed his excitement at making a reboot because he loves origin stories. Find out more about the movie, though beware of potential spoilers. Hopefully we’ll still get to see Cecily Strong (another SNL cast member) or someone equally funny in the government bureaucrat role. And can Wiig do an epic lip-sync to whatever big song will inevitably be associated with this Ghostbusters movie?

THR says Feig is aiming to start shooting the new Ghostbusters in New York City this summer.


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