Steampunk Events for February 2015

This month, the steampunk blogosphere is getting prepped for Year Two of Steampunk Hands Around the World, where dozens of bloggers from over 15 different countries plan to share about their local communities with the rest of the world. Come join the event at the Airship Ambassador website.

Besides the virtual world, steampunks across the globe can populate their social calendar with fantastic escapades. Party like its 1900 in Meiji-era Japan at Steam Garden 8 in Tokyo. Run away to Las Vegas for their inaugural steampunk convention or enjoy a convivial in Surrey, England. Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador and I have collected some of the most exciting events for February. It may be a short month, but it packs a lot of brass.

Did we miss your event this month? Plug it in the comments below! Looking to have your event featured here in the future? Submit the details by February 15th for March’s round-up to [email protected].

All descriptions taken from the event website or Facebook unless stated otherwise.

The Airship Ambassador recommends:

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015: Our Playground, our Classroom, Our Workshop
Feb 1-28, online, everywhere

For the second year, Steampunk Hands Around the World shares and celebrates the amazing and the extraordinary as several dozen steampunk creators—bloggers, authors, event organizers, and others—join in a month-long multi format presentation about the international connections and communications in the community, for steampunks and non-steampunks alike.

Beginning Sunday, February 1st, and continuing until Saturday, February 28th, the group will demonstrate this year’s theme of Steampunk: Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop with how steampunks revel in their fun, their education, and their making of The Future That Never Was.

The full and updated-daily list of participating websites, blogs and events will be posted in the kick-off blog on the Airship Ambassador blog site.


Steam Garden 8: Meiji Democracy
Feb 7—Laforet Museum, Harajuku district, Tokyo, Japan.

Episode 8: Story—In the 50th year of the Meiji Period (1900AD), Japan is controlled by immensely powerful nobles who rose to power in the industrial revolution. Underground, a resistance movement yearns for equality and freedom for all people. The time-travelers of “Tokyo Inventors Society” are caught up in the whirlwind of change as the gears of fate begin to move…who knows what tomorrow may bring? Tonight is the final carnival before the revolution! Read our FAQ for more info.


STEAMATHON 1: Las Vegas World Steampunk Convention
Feb 6-8—Las Vegas, NV, USA

Steamathon Las Vegas

A Convergence of Great Steam Engines and Airships are all roaring into the Old Main Street Station of downtown Las Vegas bringing the Steamy dignitaries to a meeting of minds: the greatest inventors with their inventions, the Great Steampunk authors reading from their works, the greatest of crafters showing their wares, the greatest of hearts. Featuring Dr. Phineas and the Steampunk Guild welcoming you with open arms in one of the most magnificent of Victorian Hotels anywhere. Book your passports today!


Additional Events Around the World

Black Pearl Lounge at the Gale Mansion
Feb 13—Minneapolis, MN

A showcase of Samantha Rei and Apatico’s F/W 2015 collections, styled by HAUS Salon. A fashion presentation that will be more intimate than traditional runway. Cocktail attire encouraged. VIP receives a SR tote bag filled with art and goodies from local small business and two free drinks.


Steampunk through the Looking Glass: A Theatrical Steampunk Immersion Weekend Collaboration
Feb 13-15—The Columbia Club, 121 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN

Circle City Aerodrome, Indianapolis’ Steampunk Society, has partnered with Angel Burlesque, voted Indianapolis’ Best Burlesque Troupe for the past three years by the readers of NUVO, and Q Artistry, the celebrated local collective that produces original theatrical works by Indiana artists. Together, these three groups have created a story line that envelopes visitors, immersing them in a slightly skewed history of never-was.

The Steampunk immersion takes place against the lush backdrop of the Columbia Club. This elegant, intimate hotel features dark wood paneling, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, a roaring fire and fewer than 100 rooms—the perfect setting for a history of might-have-been.


Endless Night: New York Vampire Ball 2015 “Anti-Valentines!”
Feb 15—New York, NY

Can you believe the Endless Night Productions is 20 years old? We have thrown events in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Miami and New Orleans, now let’s celebrate 20 years of Endless Night events and Sabretooth Fangs! The venue will be the Jekyll & Hyde Club located right in the heart of New York City’s Time Square.


Jeff Mach’s Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire X
Feb 20-22—Princeton, NJ

Are you an unusual person who loves the fact that you can be yourself at a Renaissance Faire? Would you like a Renaissance Faire which is run by, and welcomes, not just Rennies but also Geeks, Steampunks, Goths, Pagans, Artists, and all manner of exceptional people? One that’s LGBT-friendly, kink-friendly, and, most of all, just flat out friendly?

Jeff Mach’s Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire is the world’s largest indoor Renaissance Faire. We’re a Renaissance Faire with benefits, a Faire for the mad ones, an event for all of the unusual and amazing people of the world. This is our tenth year of devotion to all manner of fun and pleasures; an incredibly welcoming atmosphere; and absolutely massive, massive entertainment, with stages that run late into the night.


The 4th Surrey Steampunk Convivial
Feb 21-22—New Malden, Surrey, Great Britain

It is primarily a family fun day, with a fancy dress theme. There is a suggested dress code which is Victorian/Steampunk—and whilst dressing up is not compulsory of course, it is highly encouraged! There will be an wonderful array of stalls selling hand-made jewelry and other items, so come prepared to do some shopping! There will be musical entertainment, talks, exhibitions and book readings, and even a miniature hot air balloon attempt outdoors.


Cocoa Cabaret

The Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance Presents: The Cocoa Cabaret
Feb 6—Cincinnati, Ohio

Calling all Afrofuturists, steampunks and dieselpunks…get yo @ss to the past that never was at the Cocoa Cabaret! DJ Apryl Reign, 2010 Red Bull Thre3Style regional winner, will spin a set of electroswing/house music and there will be a costume contest for the best-dressed attendees. Tarot card reader, jewelry vendors and more. Don’t forget to dress in steampunk/ dieselpunk/ Roaring ’20s attire! Admission: $5. 8-11 p.m., The Greenwich. 2442 Gilbert Ave., Walnut Hills (Cincinnati, Ohio 45206)

The Cocoa Cabaret is an attempt to draw more POCs into steampunk and should be a healthy mix of veterans steampunks and newbies. Don’t know what to wear? If you’re in the Cincinnati area, Ofeibea Loveless is doing “Steampunk Your Closet” consultations. Email her at [email protected] to schedule one today!


Ay-leen the Peacemaker (or in other speculative lights, Diana M. Pho) works at Tor Books, runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, pens academic things, and tweets. Oh wait, she has a tumblr too.

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