Morning Roundup: Is It Just Us, or is the Term “Bleeding Edge” Creepy?

Tony Ruth's Businesstown

Richard Scarry’s Busytown books explored a plethora of career options for a past age. You could be an architect, a schoolteacher, a bulldozer-er…so many options! But today’s children need to know that they’re heading out into a far different future! A future that could involve working with bitcoin, or social media, or maybe even giving a TedTalk! Luckily artist Tony Ruth is here to educate the younglings. Check out more of his art at Businesstown!

Morning Roundup brings you thoughts on the porous line between science fiction and science fact, ways to tell if you’ve suddenly been transported to a fantastical realm, and news on the soon to be new and improved U.S.S. Enterprise!


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