Michael Moorcock Talks “Experimenting” with The Whispering Swarm and the Appeal of the Multiverse

Science fiction and fantasy author Michael Moorcock’s newest novel The Whispering Swarm is autobiography through the lens of the lens of his own work and how it has impacted him. In a series of videos, Moorcock speaks with Tor Books about “try[ing] something new” with The Whispering Swarm, his first independent novel in nine years. He also discusses the impetus of the Multiverse that links his Eternal Champion Sequence, and reads from one of his early novels.

“I wondered about how much fantasy has worked for me as an escape agent,” Moorcock explains in the first video, which focuses on The Whispering Swarm. He goes on to describe how he came up with the city-within-a-city that is the Sanctuary of the White Friars:

Perhaps best known for his Eternal Champion series, Moorcock devised a way to link multiple universes through one heroic spirit who embodies various characters at different points. Here, he discusses how the Big Bang theory led both physicists and writes to ponder a multiverse, and how his own Multiverse “resonat[es] in the background” of all of his Eternal Champion novels:

Finally, Moorcock reads from The Jewel in the Skull, the first book to detail the adventures of Eternal Champion Dorian Hawkmoon:

The Whispering Swarm is now available from Tor Books; you can read an excerpt on Tor.com. Eternal Champion fans can also check out the Elric Reread.


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