This Joss Whedon Shared Universe Theory Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

It’s surprising that Joss Whedon’s main canon of work has existed for almost 20 years, and only recently have people started drawing mind-blowing connections between his various television series and movies. It made all sorts of crazy sense for Tim Burton, and now we’ve stumbled upon a fan theory that creates a literal Whedonverse.

This theory popped up on Imgur sometime recently, combining several key elements of Whedon’s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, and The Cabin in the Woods: namely, the existence of Potential and active Slayers, Watchers who control their movements, and government organizations committed to stopping supernatural powers at any and all cost. What follows is a saga spanning five hundred years, all revolving on finding the one special woman to bring order to the world. (Click to enlarge!)

Joss Whedon shared universe Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Cabin in the Woods Firefly Angel Potential Slayers

It’s a pretty awesome thread uniting Whedon’s major properties. Someone on Reddit’s r/FanTheories came up with basically the same narrative almost a year ago, as did Cracked (albeit in video form).

But where’s the mention of Melaka Fray, the Slayer from some indeterminate future? Same with Dollhouse’s Echo and the other dolls, who must somehow fit between the awakening of the Senior Partners in 2004 and the Initiative’s failure in 2012. Perhaps Rossum thought they could artifically create a Slayer’s impulses and map it onto an empty shell? (To be fair, Cracked does agree that the Watchers could be Rossum could be Blue Sun.)

Of course, Dollhouse’s series finale “Epitaph Two” takes place in dystopian 2020, where the imprinting technology has been used to create armies as well as ensuring immortality for the highest bidder. This connection could be established and explained away by saying that it occurred only in Los Angeles, or that it’s an alternate universe. Still, it would have been cool to see some dolls make it into space.

This fan theory brings new meaning to Firefly’s beloved motto: “No power in the ’verse can stop me.”


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