Cool LEGO Lenticular Mosaics Turn Heroes Into Villains

Or is that villains turned into heroes? We already know that LEGO can be made into awesome artwork, but the effect is heightened when it can actually move. Redditor ihlaking recently posted a cool lenticular mosaic they came across at a LEGO convention: Depending where you stand, the portrait shifts from Snow White to the Evil Queen and back.

Some quick Google-fu revealed that these LEGO lenticular mosaics have been around for a few years, with a number of LEGO fans having the same idea to merge the faces of famous protagonists and their evil counterparts.

Here’s the Snow White/Evil Queen mosaic, by Brick Blue Wren:

lenticular LEGO portraits Snow White Evil Queen

Arthur Gugick is another LEGO enthusiast who has created both still mosaics and lenticular portraits. For the latter, he gives us Anakin Skywalker’s transformation into Darth Vader, then Batman versus the Joker:

(Check out more of his work on Flickr.)

And here’s Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, by Josh Hall:

Instructables has steps for making a LEGO mosaic, as does MOC Pages.


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