Morning Roundup: That Time KITT Threw a Blue Shell at the Delorean

Neatorama shared this design which is both tubular and most excellent. Australian artist Nathan Davis has given us the perfect mashup of 1980s icons and the World’s Greatest Sport, Mario Kart! You can check out more of his work over on his Facebook page, but we want to know: is there any way we can actually get this game right now? We need to see how KITT holds up against Ecto-1. And is KARR a villain, too? Is ALF a playable character? So many questions!

When did it turn into 80s Day on Morning Roundup? We’ve got news about Back to the Future 2 accoutrements, accolades being showered upon the radical Guardians of the Galaxy, and…oh, and suggestions for a more efficient Hobbit film! So at least that isn’t 80s nostalgia…


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