Check Out This Extraordinary House of Chains Art From Sam Burley!

We’re no stranger to The Malazan Empire here and we are big fans of the artist Sam Burley. When we saw that Subterranean Press was releasing an illustrated edition of the fourth volume of Malazan Book of the Fallen, House of Chains (which is already sold out, unfortunately) we had to get a better look. Sam certainly delivered the epic in these! Click through to see some gorgeous art!

First we have a wonderful portrait of Tavore Paran:

House of Chains Malazan Sam Burley

Then a tribute to Karsas Orlong:

House of Chains Malazan Sam Burley

And finally, a thrilling battle scene – click to enlarge and revel in the detail!

House of Chains Malazan Sam Burley

You can find more of the art here and here.


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