New Chappie Trailer Reveals Chappie’s Evil RoboCop Counterparts

The first trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi project Chappie presented the titular robot as childlike, questioning and hopeful of the world around him. In the second trailer, we see the alternative to Chappie: a police force made up entirely of robots, every unit controlled by the mind of corrupt politician Hugh Jackman. Have they learned nothing from RoboCop?

In the first trailer, Jackman’s character—who we find out in this trailer is ex-military—warns against the dangers of artificial intelligence being unpredictable. We now learn how ironic that is, seeing as the only thing making AI not act like it’s supposed to is a human who acts irrationally upon witnessing Chappie’s affinity for art, emotion, and love.

So of course Jackman brings out his “pet project,” a massive tank of a robot, to take Chappie down. Talk about a robot coming-of-age story:

Chappie comes to theaters March 6.


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