We Believe in Andy Dwyer in This Jurassic Parks and Rec Mashup

As soon as we saw Chris Pratt frown about hybrid dinosaurs in the first trailer for Jurassic World, the Internet gave us the brilliant-because-it’s-so-easy mashup Tumblr Jurassic Parks and Recreation (which provided the top image). But now Thanks Mom Productions have taken the parody a step further with their Jurassic Parks and Recreation video mashup, in which Andy Dwyer gets transferred from Pawnee to Isla Nublar.

Of course, the only way you can do a video mashup is by interspersing footage of Pratt’s characters on Parks and Rec and Jurassic World. We’re big fans of the alternate universe where lovable loser Andy turns into a badass, though such a world may mess with our desire to see Pratt’s Jurassic World character bite the dust.

It’s actually too bad that they didn’t find more ways to incorporate the rest of the Pawnee gang (aside from April, who necessarily shows up more than once with Andy). It would’ve been great to see Tom and Donna throw shade at the hybrid dino terrorizing their theme park.

What they did get wonderfully right was setting the velociraptor biker gang part to the Parks and Rec theme song:

[via Uproxx]



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