This Bird is So Big It Could Eat a Person

Imagine in your mind’s eye, if you will, a warrior ninja riding a giant bird into battle. Now imagine an entire flock of these kettrals coming at you, ready to deal out some mega-death!

We’re obviously not the only ones to get excited about that kind of visual from Brian Staveley’s debut fantasy novel The Emperor’s Blades, but it was still eye-widening to see this sand carving by Santa Cruz Sand demonstrating just how big kettral’s are in comparison to, well, everything.

And now we want one, because everything about coming to work would be wonderful if it involved a huge predatory bird, swooping through Midtown, snapping up lesser, birdless commuters. (If we can’t have Falcor, we want kettrals!) You can check out Staveley’s novel here and and its sequel The Providence of Fire here. (Do the birds start flying while on fire?!?)


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