Even If You Look Closely, You Still Won’t Believe This is a Silver Surfer Costume

That’s a pretty great drawing of the Silver Surfer, right? Wrong. That is, it’s a fantastic work of art, but it’s not an illustration. That’s a real person you’re looking at, thanks to Hollywood makeup effects artist Cris Alex. Having worked on X-Men: Days of Future Past, Alex is no stranger to superheroes, and challenged herself to recreate a specific Silver Surfer comic book cover. Her final result is definitely a step up from those pop art Halloween costumes.

Cris painted a male model with body paint, but the most impressive aspect of the photoshoot was the use of strong light to flatten the appearance of the body paint, making him look two-dimensional. Alex was trying to recreate Ron Lim’s cover for Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #20:

Silver Surfer body paint comic book cover

Here’s another look at Alex’s Silver Surfer:

Silver Surfer body paint drawing real person Cris Alex makeup artist


Check out some of Alex’s “Surfer Selfies” for more behind-the-scenes photos that give a closer sense of the detail that went into this astounding illusion.

[via MetaFilter]

Photos: Cris Alex


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