Could Jennifer Lawrence Join the All-Female Ghostbusters 3?

The Sony hack brings more and more intel on highly anticipated movies! Just as leaked emails revealed a potential Spider-Man/MCU crossover, today brings hints at the casting for Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters 3. A recent email from Amy Pascal (co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment) to Ivan Reitman throws out a couple of casting possibilities, including The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence.

Pascal’s email, dated October 8, demonstrates what seems to be the constant push-and-pull between capitalizing on the Ghostbusters franchise without looking like they’re doing so. When Feig confirmed the movie in October, he professed his love for origin stories and his desire to not ruin the first two Ghostbusters films. Their mentality, he said, was “let’s just restart it because then we can have new dynamics.” Here’s how it looks from Pascal’s side:

Agree that everyone is way too nervous about how this issue and how we. present it but it’s isn’t a sequel to the 80s movies and it is gonna be totally original with completely different characters and our job is to find a clever way to connect the movie to the original franchise so that we can use all the assets and everything that is great about the original franchise.

No cast has been announced, but the names that Pascal mentions match several of the rumors already circulating:

Paul’s movie is gonna be the first one and from what I’m hearing jennifer lawrence and Emma stone and Melissa McCarthy and Amy schumer and liszzy [Lizzy] Kaplan just to name a few have already said thy wanted to be in….

Jennifer Lawrence would be rad. While it’s no secret that she excels in comedy, so far her genre work (i.e., the Hunger Games movies) has been overwhelmingly dramatic, with mere glimmers of her comedic timing in Catching Fire. We can completely see her hunting ghosts, especially alongside the likes of McCarthy and Stone (who are among Bill Murray’s personal choices) and Schumer, whose humor skews raunchy but feminist.

For now, these are just rumors; and the fact remains that it would be key to see women of color being considered as well. But with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 wrapping up in November 2015, we would love to have a guarantee that Lawrence will be staying in the genre world in summer 2016.


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