Gaming Roundup: Uncharted 4 Makes the Leap to PS4


Sony’s PlayStation Experience rolled through Las Vegas this past weekend, bringing with it a number of exciting tidbits on several hotly-anticipated titles set to release in 2015—including the company’s first potential console-defining game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. When last we left Nate Drake, he was wandering Colombia, France, Syria, and Yemen in search of yet another of Sir Francis Drake’s treasures, before getting hitched (again) to his wife, Elena. While anyone familiar with the previous 3 games of the series will have a fairly accurate sense of the game’s atmosphere and action, Uncharted 4 will still have its fair share of surprises on the PS4—including a new member of the Drake family.

Naughty Dog’s release of the 15 minute gameplay video above highlighted the weekend and gave jonesing fans plenty to discuss while they wait for the game’s launch. As expected, the visuals look absolutely stunning—almost akin to playing through a last-gen cut scene. The detail on Nate’s character model is unparalleled, and the environments are gorgeous. Foliage looks particularly impressive, featuring unique, localized movement as Nate passes through groves of various flora. Also of note is the gameplay itself. Nate’s back to his rock climbing, physics-defying ways, and (in a characteristically Naughty Dog manner) gameplay is just as tight and fluid as ever—the mountainous tropical environment shown is integrated seamlessly into the game’s stealth and combat components.

Perhaps the biggest news to emerge from our first substantial look at Uncharted 4 is the story detail reveal at the end of the trailer, in which we apparently meet Nate’s older brother, played by Naughty Dog favorite Troy Baker, of The Last of Us fame. The appearance of a never-before-mentioned family member will raise some eyebrows, but things are rarely what they seem in the treasure hunting realm. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this title as 2015 progresses.

Uncharted 4 will launch for the PS4 sometime in 2015.

In other gaming news this week, Grim Fandango returns, No Man’s Sky previews continue to amaze, and Square Enix trolls every Final Fantasy fan on the planet. Read on!

  • Naughty Dog is selling new kill animations for PS4-remastered version of The Last of Us at $0.99 cents a pop. Seems a bit ridiculous to charge for a new kill animation, no?
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of 2015’s most anticipated games, but fans will have to wait a little longer to play it. Developer CD Projekt Red announced recently that the game has been delayed to May 19, 2015.
  • Until Dawn continues to intrigue. The slasher-inspired PS4 exclusive is borrowing from Telltale’s storytelling/quick time event playbook to recreate a playable horror movie that looks like Saw set in Camp Crystal Lake.

  • RIP Ralph Baer, developer of the first video game console.
  • The Last Guardian looks like it’s unofficially officially a PS4 game. Maybe. If it even still exists. We really hope it does.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that they, not Square Enix, will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider, the sequel to Square’s smash hit 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider. The deal is such that the game will only be a timed exclusive for Microsoft, not one in perpetuity—so don’t go trading in your PS4 quite yet. There are currently no details on how long Microsoft’s exclusivity period will last.
  • Grim Fandango, one of the most beloved adventure games of the 90s, is coming to the PS4 soon, all shiny and remastered by its original creator, Tim Schafer. If you’ve never played this game before, give it a chance and you’ll fall in love. Grim Fandango Remastered launches January 27, 2015 on the PS4.

  • From Software, the creators of Dark Souls, are back with a brand new gameplay trailer of their latest effort, Bloodborne. The game looks stunning, treacherous, and bloody—everything we’ve come to expect from From.

  • In more Square Enix news, the company pulled off the troll job of the weekend by announcing to a rapt audience that a remake of Final Fantasy VII would be coming to the PS4… before revealing that the remake in question was the one already released for PC.
  • Street Fighter V will be a PlayStation exclusive, and the latest trailer shows off an impressive melding of classic feel with modern visuals.

  • Meet Elegy for a Dead World—a word processor set inside a stylish, beautiful, bizarre space exploration game.
  • Developer Hello Games favored the community with a new trailer for their massive upcoming space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, that emphasizes, the procedural generation of, well, an entire universe.

  • Finally, Fullbright, the studio behind the brilliant, haunting mystery of staff favorite Gone Home, announced a new project this weekend titled Tacoma, named after the lunar transfer station in which the game is set. After Gone Home, we’re willing to follow Fullbright anywhere—but especially so to space.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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