Roberto Orci No Longer Directing Star Trek 3

According to Deadline, Star Trek 3 writer-director Roberto Orci is no longer helming the third rebooted film. Orci—who with Alex Kurtzman helped shape the tone of the first two films—replaced J.J. Abrams when Abrams left to direct Star Wars Episode VII. Taking on Star Trek 3 meant that Orci had to drop out of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot; a new director has not yet been announced.

While Paramount Pictures has also not revealed Orci’s replacement, rumor has it that Edgar Wright is on the shortlist with a few other candidates. Edgar Wright who, you may remember, left Marvel’s Ant Man earlier this year. It’s like musical chairs in Hollywood right now!

Orci (who would have seen his directorial debut with either Power Rangers or Star Trek 3) will stay on in a producer capacity. Badass Digest claims that Paramount was unhappy with Orci’s script, which would have seen the Enterprise, the Vulcans, and a new alien race fighting each other for a time travel device (which would have explained William Shatner’s rumored cameo).

However, recent tidbits dropped by Payne and Orci have led us to believe that Star Trek 3 will go into deep space and will deal with the moral gray areas of the Federation. The first draft has been completed as of August; whether Paramount has rejected it remains to be seen.


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