Morning Roundup: If Loving Velociraptors is Wrong, Chris Pratt Doesn’t Want to Be Right

Can the whole movie just be this amazing fan art by Manuel Unda?? Chris Pratt training his raptor pack, teaching them how to scratch at the door when they need to go out (at least until they’re tall enough to open the door themselves), and how to take treats nicely without, you know, killing the person who’s feeding them… so like Beethoven but with Chris Pratt and, like, twelve raptors? And maybe Dave Bautista can play his grouchy neighbor who blames the raptors for everything that goes wrong in the neighborhood, but then they all team up to save Bautista’s kid who got trapped in a cave during a landslide or something, and then Bautista is so happy that his kid’s safe that he hugs one of the raptors and it licks his face and he just laughs. Everyone laughs!

Morning Roundup has thoughts on Apocalypse, a wonderful avalanche of books, and an interview with the director of The Babadook!

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