Steampunk Events for December 2014

‘Tis the season everyone suddenly enjoys a touch of the (neo)-Victorian. To brighten up your holidays, check out some of these events in December. Put your dancing shoes on at steampunk balls happening across the United States and throughout the world. Pack a basket for the NYC Nostalgia Ride. With the help of Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador, we have gathered a selection of events for the retrofuturist in everyone.

Looking to be featured here in 2015? Drop a line with the details of your event to [email protected]. January 2015 event info must be submitted by December 15th.

All descriptions are taken from the event website or Facebook unless stated otherwise.


The Airship Ambassador Recommends:

Steampunk Events December

Travellers Eve—der Time Travel Stammtisch
December 7—Wien, Germany

Steam Heart invites you to Time Travel Stammtisch, everything and everyone is welcome from Steampunk / Dieselpunk to Doctor Who fans.


Steampunk Events December

Steampunk Society of Nebraska’s Steampunk Ball
Dec 6—Omaha, NE, USA

Captain Ireland and the crew of the Independent Airship Conveyance of Gentry (I.A.S CoG) request the honor of your presence at our annual Winter Ball on Saturday night, December 6th. You will find the I.A.S. CoG berthed at the Mozart Airfield in Salzburg, Austria (aka the Boiler Room Studios at 4383 Nicholas in Omaha).

And now a bit of warning: Friday night, December 5th is known throughout the Alps as Krampusnacht, the one night during the year when the demonic-appearing beast-like creature known as Krampus returns to villages throughout Alpine countries. The creature or creatures abduct children (mostly) and, based on reports of professional Krampus hunters, takes them back to its lair where they are drowned and then eaten.

Of course Captain Ireland and the crew of the I.A.S. CoG laugh in the face of these superstitious ninnies and assure you that no demons will make it aboard the ship. However, in the unlikely event that any such demons were to make it aboard the ship they will be quickly dispatched, and even if they aren’t able to be quickly dispatched, the ship has safeguards that would prevent a crash. In any event, it is strongly recommended that all guests assess the danger for themselves and, if you believe the stories, come prepared to defend yourself from this demonic beast-like creature.

We look forward to seeing you all on December 6th for what we’re sure will be a fun and adventurous Winter Ball aboard the I.A.S. CoG.


December Steampunk Events

The Lightkeeper’s Ball: A Time Travelers’ Yuletide Celebration
December 13—Seattle, Washington, USA

It’s our mission to create an annual gala to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of our Steampunk and alternate history community. Our main stage will feature The Nathaniel Johnstone Band from 8:30pm-10:00pm with DJ Jammin Panda spinning the remainder of the night away. A bevy of beautiful, burlesque performers will be joining us post 11:00pm.


Additional Events from Around the World:

Steampunk December

Cincinnati Steampunk Stroll
Dec 5—Cincinnati, OH, USA

Join Her Royal Airship Ashanti for the Art Walk at the Essex Studios. The artists of Essex Studios open their working artist studios to transform their studios into art gallery environments designed to showcase their particular media.

There are many wonderful artist collectives and studio complexes in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but none of the other large group shows exhibit the depth and breadth of art featured at Essex Studios. The beauty of an Art Walk weekend is the unparalleled diversity of artists, artworks and patrons.


Steampunk December

Steampunk Picnic: ON A TRAIN
Dec 7—New York, NY

For our final picnic of 2014 we’re going to try something a little different. The MTA Nostalgia Train will be making its annual run every Sunday from now through New Years. Please join us this Sunday for a dressed up on-train gathering.

We will meet at the F line 2nd Ave station on the Uptown platform at 11:00am. The first train is scheduled to leave at 11:33am. Alternatively, if you’re coming from Queens, you are welcome to just meet us at our destination, Queens Plaza M line station. Our train should be arriving there around noon. The plan is for us to stay at the station until the train departs back to Manhattan at 12:14pm.

While we usually encourage people to bring food and drink to share with others, keep in mind that this time you will likely need to keep hold of whatever you bring. So it may be practical to just bring enough for yourself, or find creative ways of sharing food on a moving train with no table space. And don’t even bother with blankets. There will be no place to lay them. Also, there will be at least one MTA employee keeping watching in each train car, so brining alcohol is discouraged.

Steampunk or vintage attire is encouraged, but not required.


Steampunk Events December

Steampunk Holiday Ball
Dec 10—Milwaukee, WI, USA

Happy Holidays Steampunks! This year, the MSS will be hosting a Steampunk Ball for our December event. There will be music, dancing, a gift exchange, and plenty of fun to celebrate the holiday season.

This event will still take place in the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, but will be in the banquet room across the hall from the pub. The event is free, all ages, there is food served until 8pm, and a bar with drinks available for anyone over the age of 21.


Steampunk Events December

Sociodad Steampunk Argentina
Dec 21—Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sociodad Steampunk Argentina will have a theme room, which will cover various exhibitions and stands of the best artists in the country. For more information soon, see our event link on Facebook.


Steampunk Events December

The Clockwork Ball: A Steampunk Masquerade
Dec 31—Saxapahaw, NC

Attention Pilots of Airships and their Crews, Mad Scientists, Explorers of the Unknown, Admirers of Verbosity, Respecters of the Strange, Those Lost in the Throes of Opium or Absinthe, Teetotalers, Scallywags, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dandies, Fops, and Urchins… Jazz, Blues, Swing, Dark Cabaret, Gypsy Punk, Gypsy Jazz & Dance music from times gone by or times that never were.

Doors at 8pm; Music begins at 9pm; Admission: All Ages; $10 in advance/$12 at door

Appropriate Attire is encouraged, but never required.


Ay-leen the Peacemaker (or in other speculative lights, Diana M. Pho) works at Tor Books, runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, pens academic things, and tweets. Oh wait, she has a tumblr too.


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