MST3K Turkey Marathon Returns to Save Thanksgiving! (Or at Least Improve It.)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Joel Hodgson is once again hosting a live-streaming MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, which you’ll be able to watch here! The six-film marathon begins at 12:00 Eastern time, so theoretically you can go straight from Paradetimes to the dog show to hours of MST3K, so, as we said, the most wonderful time of the year. The episodes are a surprise, but we’ve heard rumors of special surprise guests, so…come onnnn, TV’s Frank! Or maybe even Mike? Guys, what if Mike shows up??? Oh, we need to lie down.

In other Mystery Science News, there will now be a non-Youtube place to stream episodes (the informatively named, and Shout Factory is holding a huge Turkey Day sale in addition to the marathon, for those of you who want a physical manifestation of the Greatest Show of All Time. Finally, Joel did an AMA over on reddit, and tldr: he’s glad we’re freaking out about the marathon, and wants “2-3 more days of solid, good freaking out.” Done and done.


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