Still from the Sherlock Christmas Special is Canonically Perfect

We’ve finally got some info on the Sherlock Christmas special, and it’s a real holiday treat.

Are they… cosplaying? Time traveling? We honestly have no idea. But whatever it is, we are on board for this rodeo.

The BBC One Twitter sent out the image of the script above, then this was posted to their Facebook page: An image of how John and Sherlock will appear during the special—

Sherlock special

Look at that. Dreams do come true.

This is a pretty clear riff on the Granada Series Holmes and Watson, a-like so:

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Granada Series

But we’re still left to ponder what the outfits are for. Come on, everyone, we can figure this out. Fancy dress for a murder mystery party? Stage play? There has to be an appropriately hilarious reason.


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