Santa is a Bad Man in the First Clip from the Doctor Who Christmas Special

We already got a pretty creepy vibe from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special (with Nick Frost as Santa!) when we saw the first preview. But a new clip gives more insight into just what kind of game Old St. Nick is playing.

During its annual Children in Need appeal this weekend, the BBC slipped in a preview for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. In the video below, Clara meets Kris Kringle and his sassy elves, who poke fun at her for believing in the “lovely story” of her parents putting presents under the tree, and who want to know why she stopped being a believer at age 9.

But then in comes the Doctor! Yes, he’s back, and for some reason he doesn’t want Clara talking to Santa and his elves. We don’t know what beef the Doctor has with Santa Claus, but he’s going to need his help this holiday season. Yet there’s some ominous subtext to Santa’s stocking-themed send-off: “Be sure to save some room for a tangerine, Doctor.”

Photo: BBC


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