You Already Love This Eerie Children’s Fantasy/Horror Book

Once there was a little boy who liked to ride around on bone horses. Operating under a clear death wish, this bright-eyed child encountered skeleton monks, watched snakes hatch from human corpses, and swam through seas of grasping bony creatures. If you like fantasy and horror, this is the book for you.

Seriously, this stuff is super creepy, yet also ethereal and eerily lovely:

Harry Potter concept art book dementors

Harry Potter concept art book Nagini

Harry Potter concept art book

And yet, in all of his risky journeys, this macabre young man was able to cheat death every time. You could say he was The Boy Who… Lived.

That’s right—we’re messing with you. These illustrations are all actually concept art from the Harry Potter movies, collected in Warner Bros and HarperCollins’ new book Harry Potter: The Creature Vault.

From J.K. Rowling’s imagination to the page, this menagerie of magical creatures—from dementors to merpeople to Chinese Fireball Dragons—come with detailed profiles explaining their origins. Except that these illustrations look nothing like the final film product! They more resemble the creepiest children’s fantasy book ever. Clearly there were a number of changes from page to screen.

But lucky for you, The Creature Vault is available now for you to read about how these creations came to be.

[via Nerd Approved]

Concept art: Warner Bros/Harper Design


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