A Victory for Humankind is Bittersweet for Philae and Rosetta!

We landed on a comet! And that is amazing! But, as with many leaps in humanity’s collective progress, this one has come at a cost: the Philae lander  and ESA’s Rosetta space probe have parted. And because we live in a truly remarkable age, the two machines have documented their friendship on Twitter. Click through for highlights!

The two have been talking to each other on Twitter while Philae was catching a ride on Rosetta’s back (we’re assuming it’s hard to hear in space, so tweeting was probably the most direct form of communication) reminiscing about their launchand teasing the scientists back home.

Mars Rover even jumped into the chat with a pep talk:



However, as they approached the comet, the conversation took a sad turn:



Aww… and then finally the big day came, and Philae got ready to leave:


But Philae was quick to get back in touch!





Oh, but Philae’s harpoons didn’t fire! It’s a good thing Rosetta has its back…


And as if that wasn’t enough, Philae got a special congratulatory note from William Shatner!



Space friendships are the best friendships. You can see more details on Twitter at #CometLanding, and be sure to keep following Rosetta and Philae‘s respective Twitter feeds for news on Comet 67P!


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