Black Widow Comic Book Writer Whips Up a Hypothetical Script for Her Movie, and It’s Great

As excited as fans are about seeing more female superheroes represented in Marvel’s recently-announced Captain Marvel film and DC’s Wonder Woman standalone movie, they’re still going to hanker for Black Widow to get her own adventure. Shortly after last week’s Marvel Event, #BlackWidowMovie was soon trending on Twitter, with industry folks like Nathan Edmondson—writer of the Black Widow series—voicing their support.

In fact, Edmondson took things a step further and dashed off six pages of a hypothetical Black Widow screenplay. And it’s just what we want to see for Natasha.

According to some recent tweets over the weekend, Edmondson seemed so inspired by the #BlackWidowMovie fans that he threw together a quick fake script to show everyone that it’s doable.

We open in Berlin:

hypothetical Black Widow screenplay Nathan Edmondson #BlackWidowMovie

You can read the whole thing here. It’s everything we like about Marvel Cinematic Universe Natasha: spry, clever, grim but still ready with a comeback. And the last page touches upon a certain much-pondered moment from her history…


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