Interstellar Remembers the Moon Landing Differently |

Interstellar Remembers the Moon Landing Differently

We’ve spent so much time talking about the space and science of Interstellar that we haven’t touched too much upon what’s actually happening on Earth in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi drama. The first clip from the movie gives you a better sense of this world’s particular history, and part of what motivates Matthew McConaughey to search out new worlds.

Minor spoilers for Interstellar. If you want to go in totally blind, don’t read on.

We know, from past trailers, that Earth seems to be clogged with an alarming amount of dust. As Michael Caine tells McConaughey, “Your daughter’s generation will be the last to survive on Earth.” But despite watching their future literally close in around them, humans aren’t too keen about going into space. How do we know that? Because they deny that the moon landing ever happened.

As you’ll see in the clip, McConaughey’s daughter’s teacher sits down with him to talk about how his kid shouldn’t be bringing in old textbooks showing the Apollo landings. Instead, schools teach that the Apollo missions were faked in order to bankrupt the Soviet Union. Because that makes so much sense.

Beyond that shocker, the rest of the clip is equally interesting, as McConaughey makes a keen point about the other “useless machines” that the government has done away with.

Interstellar comes out November 7.


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