Daniel H. Wilson on the Short Film Adaptation of The Nostalgist

Almost exactly two years ago I was busy shopping for plane tickets from Portland, Oregon to London. At the time, the film adaptation of my first novel (Robopocalypse) was scheduled to begin filming soon. Spielberg was signed on to direct, Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway were starring, and the film was straight up greenlit. I was ridiculously excited… right up until the film was delayed indefinitely. That’s Hollywood.

But there was a silver lining. There was another director in London, and he was primed and ready to start production on a short film called The Nostalgist based on my first short story. I had given Giacomo Cimini (who wins for having the most Italian name ever) the film option on The Nostalgist, assuming that nothing would probably ever happen. It turns out he had been quietly and meticulously preparing to shoot an adaptation of the short story for months.

So, I ended up buying that planet ticket to London. And I’m so glad I did.

I remember arriving at the Farmiloe Building and suddenly realizing the scope of this project. Some part of me thought this would be a of couple guys and a camcorder. Instead, I found nearly a hundred people gathered on set, united in their determination to create this amazing short film. Giacomo caught me in a bear hug and welcomed me to the set (calling me “the creator,” which I still feel is a bit gaudy but I’ll take it), and within minutes I realized that every single person there had a specific job. I was on an odyssey, meeting actors, producers, and I don’t know… focus pullers, electricians, prop and costume handlers, and on and on.

Giacomo had somehow convinced them all to be there, in the freezing cold, to create something incredible. I was in awe. Mostly, I stumbled around with a big grin on my face, interrupting and interfering with the production. (My duty, as a writer.)

Watching the filming of The Nostalgist was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life, but it was nothing compared to finally watching the short film. I’m so proud of everybody who worked so hard to create this and I’m so excited for the world to finally see it. I hope everyone enjoys the film as much as I have, and that they appreciate the level of work and perseverance that went into it. I believe it is clear that the hard work has paid off.

The Nostalgist is released globally today, exclusively on We Are Colony. Get access to the film plus 100 minutes of additional content including the making of documentary, extended interviews with cast and crew, VFX featurettes and early versions of the film, plus stills, script, concept art and much more. Request an invite at wearecolony.com, and watch the trailer below!


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