Star Trek Jewelry Line Features a Canonically Accurate Detachable Enterprise!

Independent jewelry brand (and friend of the site) RockLove has created a Star Trek-inspired collection of sterling silver jewelry! In a press release, owner, designer, and jeweler Allison Hourcade said: “The goal was to produce something a Star Trek fan could wear everyday—durable precious metal that is understated enough to be professional and sophisticated, yet clever in its design.”

The standout piece is the Dock Ring (above), which—while based on the ship’s look in the rebooted movie universe—recalls a specific design feature of the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The saucer of the Enterprise-D can separate and re-dock, a feature used several times in the series, either to leave the ship’s civilian population behind when the stardrive section goes into combat (“Encounter at Farpoint” and “The Arsenal of Freedom”), or for the additional combat advantage of having two vessels instead of one (“The Best of Both Worlds, Part II”). The saucer is also used as a lifeboat in the film Star Trek Generations.

Star Trek TNG saucer separation


We’d also be remiss if we didn’t point out the Original Series Phaser Necklace, which of course has two settings:

RockLove Star Trek jewelry phaser necklace


We’ll take one of each, please! Check out the rest of the collection at the official Star Trek store. And if you’re going to New York Comic-Con, RockLove will be selling the Star Trek collection and other pieces at their booth, #510.

Photos: RockLove Jewelry


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