This Sandtrooper is Walking ALL the Way Around Australia For Charity

If you’ve visited Australia in the past year or so and saw a Stormtrooper on the desert roadside, that wasn’t a hallucination. (Although you should lay off the dreamherbs anyway, okay? You keep wandering off into the night and we’re getting worried about you.)

Since fall 2013, Scott Loxley has traversed the outer edge of the Australian continent (on foot, for the most part) dressed in a Sandtrooper costume (if we’re being specific) to raise money for a local children’s hospital.

Loxley calls his trek Storming Australia; his plan is to go for 18 months and 15,000 km (~9,320 miles), and raise $100,000 for Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. With about six months left, he’s currently at a little over $16,000.

A member of the 501st Legion, a not-for-profit charitable (and Star Wars-inspired) organization, Loxley is doing this to raise awareness, not because he himself has an ailing relative. “As a father,” he writes, “if one of my children were hospitalised, I would want them to be cared for by the best staff who have access to the best equipment.”

One of his friends shared several photos on Imgur detailing Loxley’s adventures:

Storming Australia charity Stormtrooper photos

For the most part, Loxley pushes this trolley ahead of him, though occasionally he’s able to procure other transportation:

Storming Australia charity Stormtrooper photos

He’s endured the brutal heat and thousands of flies, though no word if he’s encountered other Australian wildlife:

Storming Australia charity Stormtrooper photos

You can follow along with Loxley on Facebook, and donate to Storming Australia.

Photos: Storming Australia


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