Morning Roundup: You Are Not As Big of a Harry Potter Fan As This Collector

Oh, you think you’re a big Harry Potter fan for having the Marauders Map hanging on your wall and owning a Hogwarts wand? That’s sweet, but your paraphernalia is no match for superfan Menahem Asher Silva Vargas’ 3,000+ piece collection. (The former recordholder was 807 pieces.) Yeah, along with the Guiness World Record, they should also hand him the key to his own Gringotts vault to store it all. Check out more photos; you might learn about some pieces of Potter memorabilia you didn’t even know existed.

Morning Roundup goes back to square one with Doctor Strange, wants Orlando Jones and Orphan Black to be BFFs, and teaches you the real way to win Cards Against Humanity.


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