Discover How the Iron Throne Was Forged in This Painting from the Song of Ice and Fire 2015 Calendar

Earlier this year, artist Donato Giancola teased us with the gorgeous cover image to the Song of Ice and Fire 2015 calendar. Now, he’s released “Forging the Iron Throne,” one of the 12 interior pieces, and it’s pretty spectacular.

Giancola posted the piece to his Facebook page after “Forging the Iron Throne” was recently displayed at IlluxCon. “An immense pleasure to work on the twelve images for this set,” he wrote.

Now, we’ve seen images of the Iron Throne as George R.R. Martin conceived of it, but that was the finished product. Doubtless ASOIAF fans have wondered how that towering throne was actually constructed. Turns out it required dragon fire to keep those countless swords welded together!

Forging the Iron Throne Donato Giancola Game of Thrones art

It’s fierce and formidable and painful and a little scary—all emotions evoked by the series. We can’t wait to see the other 11 months’ artwork.

Artwork: Donato Giancola


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