These Fan-Made Buffy Credits Are the Animated Series We Wish We’d Gotten

Remember how Joss Whedon tried for years to make an animated Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff happen, and no one was biting? The test footage was even eventually leaked online, to tepid interest, and we sort of understood why it never made it off the ground.

Well, we just came across fan-made opening credits for a Buffy animated series, and they’re wonderful.

About a month ago, YouTuber Stephen Byrne posted a video envisioning Doctor Who as a Saturday morning cartoon. Now, he brings that same style to animated Buffy opening credits. But what makes this video so great is how many in-jokes from the entire series are crammed in:

Dawn in A World With Nothing But Shrimp! Buffy kissing Angel, Buffy kissing Spike—Spike and Angel almost kissing! Willow and her magical hair-color-changing powers! Tara coming back as a ghost! (Which, really, would have been the perfect thing to do with her after season 6.) Puppet Angel!

By bringing in jokes from any and all seasons, these credits feel more timeless than anything else we’ve seen. We can’t wait to see which show Byrne tackles next. (Orphan Black? Please do Orphan Black.)


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