Supergirl TV Series Takes Flight With CBS!

Rumor no longer: Supergirl is coming to TV! CBS has given a full series commitment to Greg Berlanti’s hour-long drama based on Superman’s Kryptonian cousin Kara Zor-El, a twenty-something who decides to embrace her super destiny. Finally, the superhero boys’ club of primetime TV will have a lady representing!

Berlanti is the executive producer on both Arrow and the forthcoming DC Comics series The Flash, but he got his start on the coming-of-age drama Everwood (which was also one of Guardians of the Galaxy star’s Chris Pratt’s early roles, small world). So, he’s ideal to helm Kara’s story: At 24, after a lifetime of hiding her powers, she decides to become a superhero. Joining Berlanti will be writer Ali Adler (The New Normal) and executive producer Sarah Schechter.

Kara had previously appeared on the CW’s Smallville as a sort of mentor figure to Clark Kent, publicly showing off her super abilities and teaching him how to harness his own power of flight. No word if Clark will cameo on CBS’ series—or if any of the superheroes on other networks will be able to cross over. We’ll take it one step at a time.

Image: DC Comics


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