Why Of Course Peter Capaldi Dropped Acid With Craig Ferguson Long Ago

We knew that Craig Ferguson and current Doctor Peter Capaldi were in a punk band together when they were young, but Ferguson spilled some more to fellow late-night host Seth Meyers the other night.

As Ferguson fondly recalled of his early adulthood:

When the rest of the guys were at Emerson or Harvard, I was taking acid in the back of a van with the guy who ended up playing the Doctor.

He and I were in a band called The Dreamboys together… We were originally called The Bastards from Hell. [The name change] was a slightly different move in direction.

BBC America was on top of this in 2013, when Capaldi’s upcoming stint as the Doctor was announced—and they found a photo!

Craig Ferguson Peter Capaldi band

Such babies! That’s Capaldi in front, while Ferguson (in the dark suit) hangs back. In 1980, Dreamboys released a three-song 7″ vinyl record, though unfortunately Ferguson wasn’t part of the recording. Here’s one of the songs, “Outer Limits”:

No word yet on a Dreamboys reunion, but god wouldn’t that be adorable? Also no word on what Capaldi and Ferguson saw while on acid, but since they grew up and had amazing careers it couldn’t have been too traumatizing. Trainspotting, you lied to us!!!

Photo: RSA News (via BBC America)


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