Fox is Bringing Sandman‘s Lucifer to Pilot

FOX has ordered a put pilot for Lucifer, a TV series focusing on Sandman’s version of the Devil. And if you’re at all familiar with the storyline in which Lucifer is featured in the Sandman series alone then you’re probably raising an eyebrow right about now. If you’re familiar with Mike Carey’s Lucifer comic itself, well, you’ve probably got both eyebrows reaching for the sky.

The Lucifer we meet in Sandman is modeled after David Bowie in looks but in attitude takes more after Milton’s depiction of the Devil from Paradise Lost. Though initially presented as a villain when we meet him in Sandman: Season of Mists, he abandons his post in Hell and hands over the keys to Morpheus.

However, it’s Lucifer’s later adventures (in the 75-issue spinoff series written by Mike Carey) that the show seems keen to follow:

Based on the Vertigo characters, the TV series, written and executive produced by [Californication creator Tom] Kapinos, centers on Lucifer who, bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the gorgeous, shimmering insanity of Los Angeles, where he opens an exclusive piano bar called Lux.

“Put pilot” means that FOX is financially obligated to air the pilot, even if they don’t order the entire series.

Lucifer’s adventures post-Hell can get quite violent and demon-filled, with the occasional foray into pansexual escapades (Lucifer himself is not equipped for such adventures, but other characters are.) so we’re very curious as to how Fox is going to negotiate that for prime time television. There is, of course, the whole thing about having a show where the devil is (occasionally) the hero, and later developments in the series get pretty blasphemous when looked at from a more simplistic standpoint. It’s going to be very interesting to watch this all unfold.

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