Former Power Rangers Stuntman is Really Good at Robbery

According to Kotaku, 32-year-old Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers stuntman Yasutomo Ihara—who donned Power Rangers uniforms for many of the show’s fight sequences—has turned from his career of making sure his punches are always 6 feet away from the person he’s supposed to be punching to…alleged robbery. And he’s really good at it.

Ihara was forced into an early retirement five years ago when he injured his knee and with seemingly nowhere else to turn, he allegedly decided to apply his skills to robbing homes—43 of them, to be exact.

Ihara is accused of sneaking into residences in Japan by climbing up walls and shimmying up telephone poles in order to avoid our carefully placed burglar traps. No surprise, the locals nicknamed him Spider-Man. All in all, his reported take of cash and valuables is valued at upwards of $77,000, or 8.2 million yen.

The saddest part, Uproxx tells us, is that apparently Ihara was saving up (with the money of others) to go to acting school and get parts where he can actually show his face.

Photo: Instagram/Andrew Lamb


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