Katniss Is Your Mockingjay in New Hunger Games Poster

As predicted, our latest The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 poster finally brings us our first official look at Katniss Everdeen. Well, sorta, since we only get to see the back of the rogue Games victor and icon for the Panem revolution. Since the fateful day she picked up that iconic gold pin at the Hob (if you’re going by the movies), Katniss has had the title and costume of the Mockingjay thrust upon her. Except that where in Catching Fire it was a sassy kind of rebellious, here it looks downright deadly.

Katniss’ lethal look is also due to the aggressively monochromatic poster. It’s the logical progression, after the propaganda art from the Capitol was scarily white (with Peeta, Johanna, and President Snow looking like they were drenched in paint), and after we met District 13’s rebel team in drab grays.

We love how you can just make out Katniss’ braid and the mockingjay feathers glinting over her shoulder:

new Mockingjay poster Katniss Everdeen Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games District 13 rebels Capitol Panem Peeta Mellark President Snow I am I will

As BuzzFeed pointed out, the poster mimics the teaser trailer, where we mostly see Katniss from behind. Could this be a way to place distance between the franchise’s heroine and its audience, further hammering home Katniss’ PTSD and inaction for much of Mockingjay?

Then again, the poster includes her only lines from the trailer: “I am. I will.” Here comes the Mockingjay.


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