Neil Gaiman’s Hansel and Gretel is Coming to the Screen!

Neil Gaiman’s take on Hansel and Gretel is being adapted into a live-action film, even though it hasn’t been published yet! Gaiman’s version, which we’re sure is rollicking and light-hearted, will come out from Toon Books on October 28th, and features lovely artwork from Lorenzo Mattotti.

Asked about why he wanted to tackle this particular story, Gaiman was happy to foreground the horror: “For me, retelling ‘Hansel and Gretel’ was a way of telling an old tale in a way that made it immediate and true, and about us, now. It reminds us of how paper-thin civilization really is. It’s about hunger, and about families.”

Producer Juliet Blake has most recently worked with Steven Spielberg on The Hundred-Foot Journey, and has also served as president of Jim Henson Television. There’s no word on a director yet, but we think Tim Burton had a pretty interesting take on the story

Really, though, this all comes down to two things. We want a terrifying witch, and we want a delicious house.

Build us a delicious house, Gaiman!

[via Neil Gaiman’s Facebook, like all the best news]


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