Hush Now, This is an Alternate Harry Potter Future Where Fred Weasley Lives and You Can’t Convince Us Otherwise

You’re looking at the winner for best picture taken at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The rest of the Potter cast can rest easy, knowing that no matter how many cute photo ops they do at the new Diagon Alley extension, nothing will be as perfect as this. Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes could stage a wizard duel in the middle of the park, and it still wouldn’t bowl us over as much as when James and Oliver Phelps visited Zonko’s Joke Shop in 2011. (Look, we just discovered this photo and we love it, so hush.)

It’s like fanfiction, come to life. (AU, of course. *sniffle*) Just look at those mischief-making grins and the piles of jokes and tricks they’ve loaded up with. Who will they prank first? And why is George/Oliver rocking a fez? We can only imagine the possibilities.

Photo: Harry Potter Fans


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