“Nicolas Cage as Everyone” Meme Replaces All Your Favorite Genre Characters

Whenever we’re feeling tired or blue we can always rely on the Nicolas Cage as Everyone meme to cheer us up. To our delight this time around, a bunch of new genre mash-ups had been added, including the above of Captain Nicholas Cage Picard. “Make it so…maaaan!” You just know Cage would order his whiskey “earl grey. hot” and probably ride the consoles like a cowboy from time to time. Also he would totally be into Lwaxana.

We need more Cage in our lives.

Proof that Cage should be a superhero where we can actually see his face!

Nicolas Cage as everyone Iron Man Silver Surfer

Look at how he elevates the neutral Iron Man mask to true emotion. And we can guarantee that Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer would’ve been a far better movie (or, at least, much more entertaining) if Cage had been riding that silver board.

Nicolas Cage as everyone Hermione Hogwarts

True story: Ron is not sure what he feels right now.

Nicolas Cage as everyone Gandalf

Pretty sure this is just after he told the fellowship to keep ramblin’ on.

Nicolas Cage as everyone Edward Scissorhands ET

OK, he actually looks great as Edward Scissorhands. And so, so horrifying as E.T.

Even better, the meme now exists in video form! Some enterprising fan put Nic Cage’s face all over Halo, by replacing every single texture in the game with his mug. OH GOD WHY NO YES WHY KEEP WATCHING FOR THE MOONSHOT.

Thanks to Kotaku for that bit of brain-scrambling.

So! Go forth, and find out who else Nicolas Cage is, has been, or will be. (Hint: It’s everyone.)

Images: Nic Cage as Everyone


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