Yes, We Totally Want to See Terry Crews as Luke Cage

This is one of those casting rumors we had never heard before, but now we want it to become reality as soon as possible. In a recent interview for The Expendables 3, Terry Crews was asked if there’s any truth to the rumors that he would play Luke Cage in Marvel’s forthcoming Netflix series. And even before Crews said that he would be “privileged” to play the role, our minds were blown because we can so envision this.

It’s clear from Crews’ answer that he’s not as far along with the role as, say, Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson discussing their rumored new roles with Marvel:

It could be. I’m waiting on a call from Marvel. But if I could, and if it worked into the schedule, and legally if it could work out—’cause I’m booked for a while—I have to say, that’s something I would be privileged and honored to do.

Still, his passion for the part is evident:

To be honest, Luke Cage is up there with Superman, for a lot of people. Nicolas Cage named himself after the character. It’s one of those things I’m really, really glad it got the greenlight, and whoever plays it, I’ll be happy to see. And I’d be really happy [to play it].

Don’t get us wrong, it would be an adjustment. Luke Cage isn’t known for his sense of humor, and that’s what we’ve grown to adore Crews for: Whether playing brutes, mercenaries, or policemen, he’s self-effacing in a way that’s so relatable. But he also brings such nuance to his roles that we’d trust him with something more dramatic.

Also he can do this:

Here’s hoping Netflix and Marvel can work something out around Crews’ TV schedule and infinite Expendables sequels!

Image: Brooklyn99Insider


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