Avid Gamer Robin Williams Will Become an NPC in World of Warcraft

In addition to having a complicated relationship with Jumanji, Robin Williams was really into gaming, naming his daughter after exactly the Zelda you would expect, and waxing enthusiastic about World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. Now America’s Other Dad (Non-Henson Division) will be memorialized by the game he loved. According to The Mary Sue, a player named Jacob Holgate recently started a petition to create an NPC based on Williams and within 24 hours had gathered 10,000 signatures and 19,000 Facebook likes. Chadd Nervig, WoW’s Technical Game Designer tweeted “We’re taking care of it.” So, hopefully soon there will be a particularly funny NPC roaming the MMORPG, hurling insults and reminding us all why we love Robin Williams.


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