Morning Roundup: Can Cloud T-Rexes Detect Movement?

Did you ever want Jurassic Park to be an R.L. Stine book? (Actually…it is kind of an R.L. Stine book. Two kids go to a spooky new place and have a wacky, parental-guidance-free adventure? Classic R.L. Stine.) Anyway, this Goosebumps cover unused movie poster by John Alvin features an ominous T-Rex cloud, plus a particularly creepy Jeff Goldblum in the corner! You can just see him making a butterfly flap its wings with his mind. Everyone else in this poster is losing their shit, but not Goldblum. Goldblum is always cool. The AV Club has collected more great Jurassic Art poster art by the legendary Alvin, so check out the rest!

Morning Roundup brings you clever links! We have a few tributes to Robin Williams, a wonderful call for more diversity in SFF, and a weird fiction reading list!

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