All Is Right With the World: There Is Now an Otter Named After Benedict Cumberbatch

The image above is not just another installment of Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch, although it was inspired by that. Nay! The otter you’re looking at is actually named Benedict.

Thank the Internet-savvy folks at the Tennessee Aquarium, who held a Facebook vote to name their six new otters at the aquarium’s outdoor habitat called—get this—River Otter Falls. That, combined with a healthy knowledge of Internet memes, led users to overwhelmingly christen Otter #2 as Benedict.

aquarium otter named after Benedict Cumberbatch

Yes, his nickname is Benny. The aquarium also mentions that he has the darkest coat of the group (perfect), that he prefers scampering and wrestling to climbing (we can’t blame him for a fear of heights), and that he’s always first in line for food (if there’s an otter named John, it had better protect its food). Yes, we’re squeeing so hard that the sound can no longer be picked up by human ears.

And of course the aquarium is in on the joke. A spokesperson suggested that “guests may want to take pictures of Benny to see if his handsome face matches the actor’s facial features.” If you can’t make it out to Tennessee, check out this video of the six otters—Benny plus sister Maya, Delmar, Louie, Scout, Hunter, and Digger—playing in the aquarium’s Cove Forest sanctuary:

Photos: Tennessee Aquarium/Facebook, BBC; @jenn4037/Twitter


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