This is How You Win Groot Cosplay

No, that’s not an outtake from Guardians of the Galaxy—that’s one fan’s extensive, detailed, and excellent Groot cosplay.

As cosplayer Calen Hoffman explained, this project took six weeks—so, he started back when all we knew of Guardians was grooving to “Hooked on a Feeling”—and cost less than $100. Plus, it folds up into a tote bag for easy carrying! Now that’s how you cosplay. He even got Groot’s head tilt right.

Check out the intricate process from start to finish on Hoffman’s Facebook to see how he got from this…

best Groot cosplay Guardians of the Galaxy how to photos

…to this:

best Groot cosplay Guardians of the Galaxy how to photos

We’re hoping against hope that he found a way to recreate Groot’s fireflies/glowing pollen—maybe we’ll get to see those in a nighttime shoot.

Photo: Calen Hoffman Propcustomz


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