Marvel Figuring Out How to Sell Us That Groot Toy (You Know the One)

There’s only one piece of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise that matters. (Okay, two if you count Star-Lord’s awesome retractable helmet/ear thingamajig.) But until hologram technology makes the kind of leaps we saw during the film’s excellent opening sequence, we’ll settle for the Groot toy that everyone immediately wanted after seeing the first post-credits sequence.


Marvel took note of audiences’ squeeing over the weekend about the cutest moment from the movie—potted baby Groot dancing dancing dancing as he grows back into the fearsome, seven-foot-tall tree creature we know and love. Marvel’s Ryan “Agent M” Penagos tweeted that they’ve definitely taken notice of the growing demand for our very own potted Groot:

While we wait on that, there are some other options. Nerdist noticed that Hot Toys’ latest figurines, a set of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, also includes a 1/6th scale potted Groot! Although it doesn’t dance and also costs $359.99, so, you know, maybe not…

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

Even though the statue does not actually dance, you’re welcome to play the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” to try and recreate this:

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

You can also go the DIY route: Fan Saber Fire Tiger hacked a POP! Groot figurine to make a potted Groot that’s a bobblehead! (Hat tip to Slashgear for spotting this one.)

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

We are going to get the dancing Groot one way or another. Better hurry up, Marvel, before we get there first!

Photos: Marvel Studios, Sideshow CollectiblesSaber Fire Tiger


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