Morning Roundup: We Hope Firestar is Opening a Bakery Next Door!

He’s the best at what he does! Wolverine has found a new use for his claws in Dorkly’s series of progressive superheroes, in which Hulk uses his powers to be best ding-dang Dad he can be, and Wonder Woman actually makes a fair wage.

We might as well just admit it right now. We fooled around, and while we’re not in love—it’s just a silly phase we’re going through—we are hooked on a feeling. As you may have guessed, your Morning Roundup will have a few Guardians of the Galaxy related links. (Cause there ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from getting to Groot, babe.) But, in non-Cosmic-Marvel news, we also have scandals courtesy of those scamps at NickToons, and casting news for Gotham!

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